> Jackie Greene Band Performs “Gone Wanderin'” OneMic Session

May 25, 2017 – Last month Jackie Greene Band had the pleasure of doing a session with OneMic (the minimalist recording series). We did a stripped down version of “Gone Wanderin’,” and it was recorded in one take around one mic — an AEA R88 stereo ribbon microphone.

What makes this recording so different from other live performance videos is that the band is in complete control of the presentation. The sound, balance, dynamics and stereo image were decided upon at the moment of creation, not in post production. The session was shot in 4K video by filmmaker Nathaniel Kohfield and produced and engineered by OneMic creator, John Cuniberti.  There is no editing of the audio or video.

OneMic Series is that it demonstrates the positive aspects of the minimalist recording process of the 1930’s, but captured on modern recording equipment.

Check out the video and order “Gone Wanderin'” (which is finally available again on CD, thanks to Blue Rose Music!)