Fall Tour Coming Up

Hi Folks! We are looking forward to our Fall tour!  Hope to see ya'll out there.  Don't by shy, now!  We'll be starting in Pittsburgh, (let's try this again, shall we?) and heading up to Syracuse and Buffalo.  A couple nights in Ann Arbor.  Chicago and Cleveland are also in the mix as well as lovely little Burlington, VT.  Of course, we will be getting nasty in Boston and Philly (Hell of a season for the phillies, by the way!) and of course....a couple nights in New York.

I'm also pleased to announce that we will be showing some of my artwork at some of these shows.  The details are still coming on which ones, but I'll keep ya updated.  I hope ya'll can have a chance to browse around and say hello.

Speaking of... I'll be doing a gallery show in DC on the 28th.  If you are interested in attending, please RSVP:


Tickets for the shows are available online! Some are going pretty quick.  Hope to see ya'll out there!