On The Road Again

Hello friends, First, I'd like to apologize to all the Pittsburgh fans for canceling tonight's show. I truly did my best to get there, but it didn't work out. I thought I would take this moment to update those of you who are interested in our tour status. I figure I can elaborate a little more in this space, rather than a few snippets on Facebook.

The rest of the band flew into Pittsburgh on Monday. I decided not to fly this time because I had a recent incident involving a small plane and a tornado in Nashville. Needless to say, I didn't want to fly after that crazy episode. Frankly, I'm scared shit-less to fly right now. So I thought it would be fun to join Charles (our trustee road manager) on his cross country journey driving our van and trailer full of gear from Sacramento to Pittsburgh. Charles is a road warrior. He can do a 12 hour day and get up and mix a festival show the next afternoon. It's impressive, truly.

I'm sorry to say, the whole thing started badly. About 3 hours after we left Sacramento, we had to turn around and go straight back because our trailer break lights went out. As you can imagine, it's highly dangerous (not to mention against the law) to drive around without brake lights on your trailer. Luckily, Charles had a mechanic pal in Sacramento who fixed us right up and we were back on the road.

At that point, we'd only lost 1/2 a day. No big deal. We could make it up with one long haul. Then the bottom fell out. (Not literally, thank God.) We were nearing the town of Rawlins, Wyoming at around 10pm on Friday when we started to lose power. We pulled off to a gas station to see what was wrong and it turned out the battery was dying. They didn't have one at the station, so we called the Travel Center (basically the next truck stop) and they said they could send somebody out within 45 minutes with a new battery for us. Fantastic! Well, that dude didn't show up until 2:30am. Meanwhile, we are waiting in the freezing cold. (Every so often going inside the gas station to warm up and buy crappy coffee.) Finally the dude shows up and, of course, the battery doesn't fit. He gave us a ride to the truck stop (where he worked) and luckily there was a motel next door. So we check in and go to sleep. The next morning, we discover that it's in fact the alternator that has gone bad. The only place in town that can fix it is the dealer and they don't open up until Monday. By then, there's no way we can finish the drive to Pittsburgh to get there on time. So we look at options. We decide to do a really long haul to Des Moines, IA so I can fly out Tuesday morning and meet the band to make the show. The opening band was gracious enough to let us use their gear, since ours wouldn't have made it. (Big thanks to Waylon Speed)

Charles and I had Easter dinner at a truck stop in Rawlins, WY. He had corned beef hash and I had the lasagna. As my dad would say -- "that builds character!". I've had enough character building for one week...

Anyways -- ! After a 14 hour drive to Des Moines, we get in at 5am or so. I'm all set and scheduled on the 10am to Chicago, then to Pittsburgh. Arriving in Pittsburgh around 3pm. Perfect! Just in time for soundcheck. Guess what happens next? I go to check in and my flight to Chicago has been cancelled. Unbelievable! After a confusing conversation with the desk guy, I agree to go on stand by for the next flight to Chicago, then try and make the next available flight to Pittsburgh. (Which would have been arriving around 745pm. No soundcheck, but just in time for the show.)

Long story longer, I wasn't able to get on the flight. The next available option for me would have put me into Pittsburgh at midnight. Obviously, no good. I'm Sorry Pittsburgh -- I really tried to make it happen. I'll make it up to you.

So, after continuing our road journey east, I'm sitting in an airport motel in Chicago. I'm booked on a flight to DC, hoping to make the show at the Birchmere tomorrow. Still don't have our own gear, but we will use whatever is available to us and make it happen. I'm exhausted, but I'm totally ready. Ready to fucking tear that place up. Bring it!