Southeast Shows Cancelled

Dear friends -

I regret to inform you that I will be rescheduling our dates in the Southeast.  This includes the Atlanta, Chattanooga, Birmingham and Nashville dates.

My father  passed away of bone cancer recently and my family will likely be holding services during that time.

He was a strong man and I will miss him dearly.   I'm thankful and comforted to know that I was able to give him his last wishes.  He spent his last months in my house, close to his children and loved ones.  In his final moments, we were all able to be there and we surrounded him with love and music.   He passed peacefully on Friday, October 21st.

Going through some old photo albums, my mother came across this photograph.  This is my father singing to me as an infant.  I find it a beautiful and poignant statement right now.   (not to mention my kick-ass headband.)

The Chico shows this weekend will go on as planned.  Hope to see y'all there.

Thanks for understanding.