Fall Tour 2012

Hey all, We had a great time in Europe. Kind of life-changing in a way. I really enjoyed trying different foods and meeting all the different folks. Hell, I even tried snails in France. Anyhow, we can't wait to get back. Hopefully, we can bring the band next time.

We've got a pretty hefty tour ahead of us. Most of the dates are in places we haven't played in a long, long time. Mostly in the southeast. We're hoping that folks can spread the word and help us to have some decent turnouts. That's how we'll be able to come back!

I'll be playing with Phil and Friends in November. All the shows are in the New York area. But don't wait for November! Come on down south and join us in the little clubs we're playing on this tour. I promise you'll have a good time.

I started working on a new record this summer, but with this heavy tour ahead I don't think it will be out until next year at the earliest. We'll be starting to play a lot of the new songs on this tour, so tapers be ready!

xo jackie