Greetings from the UK!

Greetings all, We’re about halfway through our European Tour and loving every minute of it. We’ve been lucky enough to see some remarkable places. We started in Paris and it seemed that every woman I laid eyes upon was more beautiful than the next. Everyone was very friendly and the food was incredible. Paris had got to be one of the greatest cities in the world. I think everyone agrees on that. Unreal!

We’ve been playing throughout the UK, opening for the Deep Dark Woods and have been blessed to have gone to some amazing places. Brighton, Bristol, Bath...all amazing. We went up to the York Moors for a gig and it was like going back in time. Damn near impossible to get to. Edinburgh is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Castles, cathedrals, monuments. Wow!
 Of course London was crazy. We spent a night out in Soho with some friends of ours who are locals. I’ve never been to so many clubs in one night in my life. Those kids know how to party. Holy crap.

We’re winding down from our last London gig and heading to Holland in the morning. I’m sure we’ll miss the UK, but we’re looking forward to all our stops: Hoorn, Brussels, Amsterdam, Nijmagen and Rotterdam!

We’ll be back in the US soon and have lots of Fall dates. Hope to see ya’ll out there..

xo jackie