Outside Lands Festival

Hi folks.  We had a great time at the Outside Lands Festival.  There’s something special about really well-run music festivals.  Perhaps it’s the synergy of all the different bands and styles coming together.  Perhaps it’s just the dope.  Perhaps a bit of each. In any case, I was thoroughly impressed by this particular festival.  There was a lot of talk (among both artists and fans) about weather or not San Francisco could pull off a festival of this size.  Now granted, I only spent one day there, but from my perspective i’d have to say:  It was a complete success.  I’m very proud to have been a part of the whole thing and I hope the festival continues each year.

I suppose my only complaint would be that all my friends bands we’re playing at almost exactly the same time as mine! So we couldn’t do any sit-ins….bummer.  Next time, we’ll have to see if we can’t get the powers that be to spread us out over a longer period so we can do guest spots in each others bands.

Guesting in different bands is half the fun (for me anyways) of festivals.  I always get really, really excited when I get asked to sit in.  I sat in with Michael Franti at Mountain Jam this year and had a blast.  I had no idea what song we were going to do, but there’s something awesome about learning a tune on the spot in front of 10,000 people.  Some might call it frightening.  I call it awesome.

Phil & Friends has a lot of guests.  We’ve had Warren Haynes, Ryan Adams, Steve Berlin, Peter Wolf, Levon Helm, Amy Helm,  John Scofield, Trey Anastasio, etc.  I’ve learned something from each one of them.   I’ll never forget Peter Wolf.  He comes out…Boston, I think…he’s got a half a bottle of Makers Mark in one hand and gets out front and center and starts getting people to make some noise.  I think people were a little shocked at his bravado, so they were kind of quiet at first…he says something like: “Cmon, what is this a Barry Manilow concert?”  …and then proceeds to kick everyones ass.  I loved it.

But I digress.  I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out to the festival.  Truly, a festival can’t exist without festival goers.  So, thank you.