Phoenix, AZ

Well, we’re batting a thousand here in Phoenix.  Tonight we had a show scheduled at dingy little blues bar called the Rhythm Room.  I was really looking forward to playing and getting sweaty, but the weather whipped our asses.  Again.  A storm so bad came through, it knocked out the power about 30 minutes into our set! I tried to go back on with just an acoustic guitar, but we had to cancel that too because the club started flooding with water. Last year (or maybe two years ago…can’t remember) we were playing at the McDowell Mountain music festival here.   We were about halfway into our set when we got hit with what they call a Microburst.  Like a mini hurricane.  Needless to say, that show got shut down too.

Listen, I’m sorry Phoenix.  Truly.  I really want to play for you guys and this is just rotten luck.  We promise to come back soon.  Hopefully the weather will be better.

We just got evacuated from our hotel a few minutes ago due to the weather.  The declared an “emergency”. I wonder what that emergency actually was.  I figured it was because the cable went out.  They finally let us back to our rooms. It’s been an interesting 24 hours….