Recent Happenings...


What a blast it was to stand on stage at Carnegie Hall. Wow. That's all I can really say. All the performers were so fantastic and the band was kick ass. I got to meet Jackson Browne and Juliette Lewis. I was stoked to say the least! Big thanks to Lenny Kaye and Co. for keeping it all together. The Terrapin Crossroads shows in San Rafael were equally thrilling. It's a remarkable thing to play that music with such talented folks in such an intimate setting. It really feels like "home". Hopefully, there will be many more dates there in the not-do-distant future!

Trigger Hippy is getting ready to hit the road and so is the Weir/Robinson/Greene Trio. (WRG, for short.) I should have my hands full for the next few months, but still finding time to work on my new album. We've been taking lots of home videos, documenting the "making of" this album and will posting them shortly. Hopefully we can tickle yer funny bone with some of them.

In other news, I've remembered the password to my Tweeter, err, um Twitter account... so i'll be twittering like a tweety bird from now on. If ya wanna be in the know...follow me on twitter. CLICK ME.

Here's a picture that Chuckie took (before he got yelled at) of the Carnegie Hall soundcheck... We will be adding more Jackie Greene Band tour dates soon! Stick around! xoxo jackie