The tour rolls on...


Hi folks,Thanks to all who came out to our winter shows. We've had a positive start so far and the band is pretty fired up right now. It was particularly nice to see packed houses in Salt Lake City, Portland and Los Angeles. As performers, we feed on your energy, so don't be shy about giving it to us! We'll give it right back to you. Amplified. Much thanks to the fellas for kicking ass. Jeremy Plog, Nathan Dale, Zack Bowden and our newest band member, Steve Taylor. Steve is wonderful songwriter and singer in his own right, so please check him out. Nathan just released his first solo-record and we've been doing a few of his songs live. I hope ya'll check out his record cause it's a mighty fine one. A big shout out to Big D, Joe, Nora and Chuckie for keeping us in line on all these outings. Our special guest Jabe Beyer was stellar, as always.

I'm about to embark upon some more dates with Mr. Phil Lesh at his brand new joint in San Rafael: Terrapin Crossroads. I have good feelings about this place.....

We'll be adding more Jackie Greene Band shows shortly, so please check the website for updates. Trigger Hippy is gearing up for some touring as well.

I've officially started recording my next album. I'm not sure when it will be released, or who will release it -- but that's not really the point. The point is to make the music. I'll probably have much more to say about is as time goes by. Suffice it to say that I'm really happy with the new songs and I hope you'll enjoy them when you hear them.

Till next time, Jackie